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But Who Will Cry For Me?


A Letter Sent To The Editor of SPIN:


As I see angry women

Sweep the streets

Holding brooms

And Screaming

“Save our culture”

“Preserve our tradition”

I cry for them

But who will cry for me?

With my birth

Begins my death

For a few minutes

I too enjoy

Culture and tradition

Now I’m being

Dissected and disfigured

But who will cry for me?




The Simpleton Replies:

Let them slice you

Or even dice you

Make you look like a Mexican taco

Or even a slice of pizza from Pico


But I still want cry for you

Accepting your look might be a challenge

But taking a bite proves taste want change

Why do you cry in shame?

When your smell remains the same

Shame –A tool in Bio-politics for Salvage



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