Morass & Muse With A Fuse

A train of thoughts set on linestowards an unknown destination… 

Drop a few letters…      

A rain of oughts set on lies wars a known nation…

Theories end… Concepts begin…


The word ‘morass’ carries two meanings:

  1. A complicated or confused situation
  2. An area of soft wet ground in which it is easy to get stuck. [LITERARY]

The word ‘muse’ carries three meanings:

  1. Say to oneself in a thoughtful manner
  2. An imaginary being or force that gives someone ideas and helps them to write, paint or make music. [LITERARY]
  3. In Greek and Roman mythology, each of the nine goddesses who preside or give encouragement in different areas of arts and science. [LITERARY]

The word ‘fuse’ carries four meanings:

  1. Blend, join or become combined. (i.e. Fusion)
  2. Cause to melt (together) especially at a high temperature.
  3. Safety part in a electrical device or a piece of machinary which causes it to stop working if the current is too high and so prevents fires or other dangers.
  4. A string or piece of paper connected to a firework or other explosive item by which it is lit, or a device inside a bomb which causes it to explode after a fixed length of time.

Simpleton’s morass and muse on  Arts & Literature with Science begins…


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