La Sticks 1: From Aesthetics To Ass Ticks

La Sticks is created by a simpleton thinking the purpose of literature is not to show us anything, but rather to engage us in a war (of words) to find peace (if not a piece) of mind… Nuisance to Aesthetics, but nuance, knot-tying and word-play to Ass Ticks… Based mostly on  knowledge gained over the past two decades…

The Birth of Ass Ticks ( A No Act Play )

Pundit : Why do you read literature and how do you judge it?
Simpleton : I read it because it can’t read me and judge it in a way it won’t judge me…
Pundit : Answers like this won’t earn you respect among pundits… I with pride judge literature only using the true principles of aesthetics…
Simpleton : I without shame judge literature always using the false perception of Ass Ticks
Pundit : What is Ass Ticks? Is it some sort of an elastic theory?
Simpleton : Um! Not an elastic theory, but it has some elasticity…
Pundit : OK! Don’t try to pull this phsyics bullshit on me…
Simpleton : Do you know what an ass is?
Pundit: I’m a pundit, we know everything… An ass is a noun for the part of your body that you sit…
Simpleton: You mean between the hole you shit thru…   Sensor Board Cut
Pundit : Yes!  Sensor Board Cut
Simpleton: No! Ass ticks came after the donkey with long ears got ticked and kicked the pundit on his bum for trying to prove a point. ( Tamil: Kaluthaiku Theriyuma Karpoora Vaasanai?)
Pundit: Don’t lie to me…
Simpleton: A lie about a lie is a lie, but there lies the beauty…
Pundit: Says who?
Simpleton: Says Poet Vairamuthu…

Listen to these sweet lies…

That ends : Tamilluku La Alagzhu

This begins : Tamilluku mattuma La Alagzhu ?
La Sticks


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